About Us

Founded in 2019. VestaChat is a messaging app for businesses. 

We believe that names are very important. It frames how your customers think and talk to others about you.

So we allow you to pick a name when you register an account. Using this name customers can communicate with you from our app/website if they also have a VestaChat account. 

You also get a Live chat page which is easy to set up. It is just a url.


For those customers who don't have a VestaChat account you can send them a one way message via text.

Our goal is to help businesses and consumers communicate like how friends would.

For the business this increases engagement, customer acquistion/retention and revenue.

For the customer they can get the information they need about your product and services faster thereby spending less time searching for that info.

At VestaChat we want both businesses and consumers to get a free VestaChat name.

Copyright 2019, VestaChat Inc.