A web application that allows clinics to communicate with their hard of hearing patients via text messaging

How It Works

Create an Account

Creating an account is simple and only takes a few minutes to setup

Send One-Way Messages

 Add credits to your account and start sending one way messages right away

Send Two-Way Messages

Register a phone number to send two way messages. Use one of ours, or your landline


A text messaging alternative for clinics to communicate with their hard of hearing patients.


The phone calls, calling a family member, tty numbers, emails, regular mail, receptionist using their personal cell phones, getting a business cell phone and rigid text messaging crm software isn't working. 

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What We Offer

Text from a website

Send and a receive text messages from your desktop or laptop using our easy to use website

Make your voice only landline text capable

If you have a voice only business landline phone number we can enable it to send and receive text messages. Great for consistent branding as your patients already have and trust your phone number. Sent messages will come from your landline number and you receive responses in your inbox on the website

Get a business phone number from us

If you don't have an existing business phone number or simply want a second one, you can get one from us

Send one-way or two-way messages

If you don't need or want to get a response then use one-way messaging. This does not require you to have a phone number with us and you can use our pay as you go option.
Two-way messages require you to have a number with us, either your landline line number or a number you get from us. This allows you to send and receive messages from the convenience of your desktop or laptop using our website

Auto reply feature

Just like an out of office email, let your patients know when your clinic is closed. You can also keep the feature on so that patients know that you received their message at any time.


Our plans won't break the bank. We promise.
For one-way messages you can pay as you go at 2 cents per message.
For two-way messages you pay $5/month for us to host your number (landline or the one you get from us)
Outgoing messages are 2 cents/msg
Incoming messages are 1 cent/msg


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