A Text Messaging App For Businesses

We allow businesses to communicate with their customers via text messaging,

increasing customer engagement, retention and revenue

How It Works

Create an Account

Creating an account is simple and only takes a few minutes to setup

Send One-Way Messages

 Add credits to your account and start sending one way messages today

Send Two-Way Messages

Register a phone number to send two way messages. Use one of ours, or your landline


People buy from companies they know, like and trust

Build customer relationships with text messaging

Sell More

Text messaging convert better than email.
98% of  text messages are opened, email 3%
90% of text messages are opened in the 1st 3 minutes
Text converts at 32% and email 1%.  It's time to change your  communication strategy.  

Every minute counts when customers need answers

We live in a world where the business that responds first, gets and keeps the customer. Messaging allows your customer to engage with you and get their questions answered quickly

Reach them where they are

Text messaging allows you to communicate with customers in the way that makes the most sense for them. It's the most ubiquitous form of communication, SMS.


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